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Little Ramp and Climber


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Color: Eco

Why not add some more fun for your Little Climber with our Little Ramp and Climber set. Create a more diverse playing experience for your Little Bug!

The triangle is foldable and is made to work with your baby, toddler, or even older children as it proves fun and instructive for early years development. The benefits are numerous, including enhanced gross motor development, increasing spatial awareness, vestibular stimulation (for learning about balance), strengthening limbs, proprioceptive learning (physical self-awareness), providing open-ended play and more!

Our ramp is double sided so your little ones can use it as a slide or climbing ramp!

Manufactured from the highest quality birch faced plywood and FSC hardwood dowel, we finish the climber in a clear lacquer making it hard wearing and wipeable so it can be used again and again. 

Also available in our eco range, this item can be supplied untreated as nature intended. The wood finish is beautifully warm for little hands and feet and offers a a natural surface reducing the carbon footprint of the product. This option also gives you the unique opportunity to treat the beautiful wood with any polish, oil or paint finish of your choice. 


  • Dimensions of pikler when in use: 76cm W x 60cm H x 102cm D
  • Dimensions of pikler when folded: 76cm W x 80cm H x 20cm D
  • Dimensions of Little Ramp: 120cm W x 40cm H x 10cm D
  • Weight 16 kg


  • Lockable when open makes it easy to store for adults but hard for kids to collapse or tip
  • Built for indoor use--so you can have playground-style fun no matter the weather. Just put it on a rug, mat, or carpet!
  • Pikler Frame has a Birch Plywood frame and FSC hardwood rungs
  • The Slide & Ramp has a Birch Faced Plywood (frame), White MFMDF Body and Hardwood Dowel
  • Holds 44kg. -enough for multiple small children
  • Great for hours of open-ended gross motor play inside your own home
  • Usable from infant and still engaging for older children -- watch them make their own fun as they adapt this piece for all sorts of activities. You'll be surprised at the creative ideas they have! 
  • The Climbing Triangle can be a... Hiding place or climbing place for infants and for toddlers and older children an Indoor den, house, Castle, tunnel, shop, tent, secret hide away or just an interesting seat

    Our Little Climber is based on the theories of infant education that the renowned Hungarian Paediatrician Emma Pikler developed over the last century. 
    The Pikler approach is based on a respectful relationship between an adult and infant, through choreographed tender care moments, a naturally paced motor development, free self-directed movement and uninterrupted play.

    Safety & Product Information:
    • Adult setup required
    • To be used under direct supervision of adults
    • Max load 44kg
    • Recommended Age Range 1-6 Yrs
    • Do not use if parts are broken or missing
    • Ensure the item is on a stable, level surface
    • Always keep away from fire
    • Birch faced Plywood is a natural product and as such there will appear variations in tones and patterns of the grain
    • The process of plywood production includes the removal of knots from the wood surface. These are replaced with what are called Jigsaw pieces, this is normal and a result of the product being natural.
    • Eco options whilst hand finished with fine sand paper like all natural wood products can splinter so please regularly check product and if any rough areas are found simply rub down with sandpaper

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